Selective or Single Item Export Opt is Enhance

8th October, 2014

News Summary:

The esteemed organization has released the issue to re-institute two prominent features exhibited by one of its software Outlook MAC Exporter. The highlights of the release are the features to Export selective and single item from the OLM file in various formats.

One of the prestigious organizations revived two of the prominent export features to export items from the OLM File with Outlook MAC Exporter. The software was launched way back in context to export MAC Outlook OLM files in the Windows Outlook PST file and other formats like EML and MSG formats as well.

Outlook MAC Exporter is a Windows based tool which has been programmed so as to migrate Outlook MAC data by selective exporting items like emails and contacts with single export and selective export options. The user interface of the tool is designed in such a manner that single and selective items can be exported by checking the check boxes in front of items like emails, contacts and calendars. The single item and selective items export options, prevent the exporting of unnecessary items and also prove to be time savior.

Evan Swans, Director of Product Development quoted "There has been a tremendous growth in the number of users migrating from MAC Outlook to Windows Outlook. In order to facilitate the export process for customers, the software has been equipped with single file export and selective file export options. It is a full-fledged tool for complete and efficient migration of OLM files."

The software supports exporting a single item from any of the folders present in the OLM file. The exported item can be converted to as PST Outlook format so as to make it accessible in Outlook. Also, if selected items have to be exported, it can be done by the individual selection of the items and exporting them.

"Considering the end user feedback received on popular tech forums, Outlook MAC Exporter has come out as a preferable tool for export options deployed in it. The selective export option not only saves time but also avoids the migration of unwanted items."Susan Kaet, Director, web team group quoted.

Lab Director, Allegan stated briefly "We continuously focus our efforts on further improvements of our products so that no compromises are made with the needs of the customers. The export options were introduced in the software keeping this very policy in view. It has been observed that deleted items folder is usually not included in the migration process.With selective export option you can easily select and migrate all the items of OLM files whilst excluding deleted items."

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We are a well-known reputed software organization indulged in the development of stream of products in the field of data recovery and data migration as well. In rendering its services in the vast area of data recovery and migration. Outlook MAC Exporter is one such tool from its portfolio. The software efficiently migrates data from MAC OLM files to desirable formats.

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